I recently visited several craft stores across the US, but I’m still missing a few.

    Here’s a list of 10 of the best.

    (You can visit the craft stores listed above here for free.)1.

    Craft Supply Market in San Francisco: Craft Supply Market, which is a retail and wholesale store in San Jose, CA, is a favorite of many craft enthusiasts.

    The store’s offerings range from the classic craftsman staples to new items such as vintage jewelry and handmade paper goods. 


    Craftsman Craft in Los Angeles: Catch the Craftsmen on the street and get their inspiration and craft. 


    Craft Shop in Washington, DC: I love the craft shop in Washington DC that is a staple for my local community.


    The Crafty Artisan in Seattle:  You can buy all kinds of craft items here, but The Craftys is my favorite for its eclectic selection of items.


    Craft Store in San Diego: The Craft Shop at San Diego’s Historic Mission Valley district is a must-visit for craft enthusiasts looking to buy their goods locally.


    Craft Museum in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood: You won’t find the usual selection of vintage crafts here, and you’ll find a wide selection of new items like papercrafts, pottery, jewelry, woodworking and even craft supplies.


    The Artisanal in New York City: At The Artisans in New Jersey, you’ll also find a vast selection of handmade goods and supplies.8.

    The Farm at Crafty Corner: This farmhouse is home to a wide array of artisans, so you’ll be able to shop for their handmade goods at home.9.

    Craft Market in Portland, OR: If you’re looking for the freshest seasonal products, The Farm Market at Portland’s historic downtown is your best bet.10.

    The Home Depot in Minneapolis: Home Depot is the one of the more affordable options for those in search of a great local gift.


    Snowman Crafts crafts from scratch

    I’ve been making snowman crafts for years and have finally figured out a way to do this all on my own.There are two basic approaches to snowman craft: DIY or commercial.The DIY approach is basically using old snowman parts and modifying them.The commercial approach is…

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