Craftsy has partnered with Craft Magazine to celebrate the 50 years since the launch of the first Rainbow Craft Craft magazine.

    Craftsy, which began as a web magazine in 1977, has become one of the most respected craft magazines on the web, selling over 300,000 issue covers.

    The magazine is published in print, online, and on demand and offers a wide range of articles on craft, design, and food.

    The brand was created by Anne Toms, a food blogger who also owns the popular kitchen-crafts site, Kitchen Craft.

    Anne was inspired to create a craft magazine after watching her grandmother’s kitchen-cooking classes in California, where she was raised, and realized that there were no other food blogs out there.

    Since its inception, the magazine has featured articles on many aspects of craft, from home improvement to wedding and cocktail design.

    Anne has a long history in the industry, with the publication of the popular Kitchen Craft cookbook in 1997.

    Anne’s daughter, Emily Toms is the creative editor of Craftsy and co-hosts a popular cooking show called The Cookbook.

    A few years ago, Anne launched the Craftsy Kitchen Craft Network, a series of interactive cooking shows, where guests can share their kitchen ideas.

    Learn more about Anne Tams Kitchen Craft Magazine at

    Craftsy is available on mobile devices, desktop and on Roku.

    Craftworks is available to stream in Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV devices.

    More about Craftsy: The first publication of a craft movement began in 1976 as a simple web magazine, and has grown into the largest online craft-related publication in the United States.

    Crafty has been the subject of over 250 articles, and was featured in more than 400 magazines and online magazines, including Design Digest, Cookbook, The New Yorker, Cooks Illustrated, and more.

    Anne Tems has been a food and beverage blogger for more than 40 years, where her passion for cooking inspired her to create the first cookbook.

    In addition to crafting, Anne has created a line of home decor products and created the cooking show, The Cook.

    Anne also runs the cookbook and has the book, The Kitchen Craft, available for purchase.

    Anne is an author and the co-author of six cookbooks, including The Cook and the Cookbook of the Year, and several other cookbooks.

    Artists and writers are featured in The Kitchen.

    Learn more about Crafty: In 2015, Anne was named one of The Cutest Food Bloggers in America by the Los Angeles Times.

    In 2018, Craftsy was named Best Blog of the year by The Washington Post, Best Blog by Mashable, and Best Blogger by the Associated Press.

    The brand was launched by Anne in 1977 and has been featured in publications from Design Digest to Cooking and a new cookbook by Emily Tams called The KitchenCraft.

    Anne has a very loyal following among craft enthusiasts and the public alike.

    Read more about The Kitchen at and


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