The Chita craft and beauty supply chain is a long-running enterprise that has been going for over 25 years.

    Chita, the world’s largest producer of luxury home goods and jewellery, has been at the forefront of the craft sector since its creation in the 1960s.

    Now, the company is going through a major change.

    As part of the turnaround plan, Chita has made several strategic changes.

    It has been diversifying its business.

    For example, the cosmetics business has been sold off to a private firm for a mere Rs 1,000 crore.

    In addition, Chitas manufacturing plants have been converted into manufacturing units for the home, retail and other products.

    Chitaran Singh, a senior vice president of Chita Enterprises, said, “Chita has been a very diversified business for many years.

    Now we want to change the culture of the company.

    The way we look at our business and what we do is based on our business model.”

    The company has diversified its business and is focused on expanding its manufacturing capacity in the retail sector.

    Singh said, Chitarans manufacturing facilities are ready to meet the growing demand.

    For Chita to keep up with the growth of the market, Singh said the company needs to be more competitive.

    He said, the key to this business is that we can produce high-quality products.

    “The key is that the quality of our products is top-notch.

    We have to develop our manufacturing capability to meet that demand,” Singh said.

    The company is also moving towards manufacturing home goods at a much higher rate than the number of units that it currently has.

    Singh pointed out that, after the switch to an automated manufacturing system, Chitalan has seen a decrease in the number and quality of products produced.

    Chitashas product offerings have also undergone a shift, Singh added.

    Singh explained, “The quality of Chitaras products has gone up.

    We are doing a lot of research into what products are going to meet our customers.

    We will focus on that and what our customers want to achieve.”

    He added that, to do this, Chitas factories will be open from 10 am to 5 pm.

    Chituks products will be available for pickup at the factory and will be shipped to customers in the evening.

    Singh added that the company has been focusing on making quality products that meet customers’ needs.

    “We have to provide the customers with the best products that we are capable of producing,” he said.

    Chithi Chitak, chief executive of Chithia, said that, over the last 10 years, the Chitita craft industry has seen an increase in its sales and quality.

    Chitala’s chief financial officer, Nita Gupta, said the Chithias quality has been increasing as the industry has developed.

    “Our products are being produced with great quality and we are going in a good direction,” Gupta said.

    “Over the last two years, we have been doing our best to increase the quality and increase the volume of our sales.”

    Chita is also going through its first ever foray into the retail space.

    In February 2017, Chittalas retail store, located in the outskirts of Lucknow, became the first store in the state to open its doors in India.

    The Chitalas outlet will be a major part of Chitagaras marketing strategy.

    “A Chitara outlet in Lucknow will be more than just a store.

    It will be an outlet for people who want to visit the city.

    This will be the beginning of Chittala as a destination store,” Gupta added.

    The outlet will offer quality home goods from various brands.

    Chittalaboy is one of the brands that Chitaram Singh has chosen to showcase.

    Chitta’s chief executive, Chithitaran S, said in the coming months, the store will be equipped with Chitarian products that will cater to all sections of society.

    Chittaran S added, “We are targeting to open Chitarangas stores across the state.

    We want to give the consumers the best quality products.

    We believe Chitarinas will be able to meet this demand.”

    Chitaranga has also announced that Chitaboy stores will be opening soon in Lucknagar and Gurgaon.

    The stores will cater primarily to students and families.

    Chibakshmi, a Chita retail shop owner in Luckno, said Chitaranga has a large customer base.

    “I have a few customers who have been coming here for years.

    They love Chitarani and Chitarias,” Chibakhshmi said.

    She added, Chitonas prices are affordable.

    “Chitarani prices are quite reasonable.

    We can sell Chitaranyas at affordable prices.

    We sell Chitaria in the same size of the shop as Chitarantas and they are priced as similar.

    They sell in bulk. We only


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