Chita craft stores in the U.S. have closed following the government shutdown, and the owner of one in Detroit says he’s having trouble getting his business back online.

    “I think that’s really what’s going to be happening in Chita stores, right now,” Steve Chita said.

    “The craft stores are shutting down because they don’t have the money to reopen.”

    He says the shutdown has left him without cash, and he’s been unable to pay his bills.

    “We can only survive with the money we have,” Chita added.

    Chita, whose name is pronounced “chay-VAY-tah” in his native New Mexico, has been open since 2008.

    His stores are located in and around the state, including Chita’s Pueblo, which has a large craft department and the popular Chita Artisan Cafe in Las Cruces.

    But Chita is having a hard time getting his craft business back up and running, and says it’s not just his customers who are struggling.

    “Right now, we’re just out of cash, we don’t even have the cash for rent,” he said.

    Chiva’s craft shop, which he opened in 2014, closed down in October after its owner couldn’t pay bills and was forced to shut down the business.

    Chivas, who has been in the craft business for 27 years, said he’s had to cut back on his hours of operation, which include weekend hours.

    He has about 15 employees and said he has been forced to close some stores.

    Chivas employees are being let go and he said he plans to sell his business.

    “That’s not good for my business.

    It’s really sad,” he added.

    “It’s just sad.”

    The Chivas craft store closed, and Chivas said that he’s unable to make ends meet.

    He’s also struggling to get his business off the ground in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, and said that while he’s hopeful that Chivas will reopen soon, the company isn’t making the same progress.

    “They’re not opening the stores anymore,” he lamented.

    “And they don of course are shutting the stores down.”

    Chivas also said that Chiva has lost nearly $20,000 in sales in the past two years, and that his business has been unable for years to pay bills.

    Chivanos owners plan to open another Chivas shop in Phoenix in the coming weeks.

    The Chivans owner said he will be hiring more employees and has plans to reopen Chivas stores in Phoenix and Las Vegas.

    “You can see that Chivaros is really struggling to make a living,” he concluded.

    “If they can’t open up shop in the next couple of weeks, I’m going to have to close up the store.”

    The National Retail Federation also reports that the Chivas Crafts, which was founded in 1998, has closed more than 1,500 stores in 20 states and more than 200 states outside of the U


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