A DIY craft in a vintage world has been on the rise lately.

    With the crafty trend gaining popularity, it’s been difficult to keep up. 

    We all know people who have a craft project they love to share with the world, like this vintage clothes project from photographer Ricardo Santos.

    But we also know that you can also go for more traditional style and go for vintage style with a DIY project. 

    A vintage inspired clothing project is definitely a style-forward option that will look great and still look stylish in a few years.

    Here are a few vintage inspired outfits that are super easy to make, but can be fun and stylish as well. 

    Rice, White, Black & Pink: Vintage inspired dresses from the 1930s and 1940s from designer Rio Bravo.

    A classic, elegant dress from the 1940s that has been styled to look like a cotton bodice.

    Rice is a white cotton cotton fabric, and is typically washed in cold water and then dyed to a rich white.

    Pink is a color that has always been popular with women, with its golden-brown hue, vibrant color, and elegant shape.

    This white cotton dress from Rio Bravo is perfect for a modern date night.

    White & Black & White: This is a vintage inspired white cotton fabric that is washed in white.

    It’s a classic, classic look that has a timeless feel.

    A 1930s style white cotton gown from Rio Bravos.

    Black & White & White; This is another 1930s inspired white-colored dress that has had a modernized feel. 

    This 1930s white cotton shirt is also a classic 1930s classic, but is also very chic.

    This one from Rocavi is the perfect dress to wear to the beach or in the office.

    Blue & White, Green & Black: These 1930s blue-green collared shirts are a classic 1940s-inspired look that can be made in any of three colors: blue, green, or black.

    Green is a green-colored fabric that can have a rich red or orange color on it.

    Blue is the same color as the original blue cotton fabric.

    If you want to make your own white cotton or blue cotton shirts, the Riverside is a great place to shop for classic 1930’s vintage style.

    You can also pick up vintage inspired items like this classic 1940’s cotton shirt from Rio. 

    Pink & Blue & White. 

    These 1930s pink collared shirt are perfect for an afternoon on the beach. 

    Green & Black; This 1940s white-and-blue collared top has been turned into a contemporary style.

    It is a modern look that is classic and elegant.

    The vintage inspired cotton shirt from Rios Bravos is also an excellent choice for a summer date night, since it is a perfect combination of vintage and modern. 

    White & Blue: This 1940s and early 1950s white and blue cotton dress is also the perfect style for an autumn date night with a white tee, and a white vest.

    This vintage inspired dress from Rio Bravo is also a great option for a date night out at the beach with a beach shirt, a blue tee, a beach vest, and white pants. 

    Red & Blue; The red and blue collared t-shirt from Rio is a classic and modern look.

    This 1950s cotton tee is a casual casual wear, and has a modern touch to it.

    Red & Green; These 1940s red and green collared blouses are also great for an evening out on the town with a cocktail dress, and brown pants.

    Yellow & Blue, Green, & Blue-Black: These 1940s cotton shirts from Rio are a great vintage inspired look that looks great in any combination of colors. 

    Yellow & Black-Green is another classic 1940 s cotton shirt that is a trendy look that also looks great with a brown tee and a brown vest. 

    Orange & Blue (with green); These 1920s white & blue cotton t-shirts from Rio are also an awesome vintage inspired, modern look, with a green tee and brown trousers. 

    Purple & Blue (& Green & White); Purples & Green & Blue are also a vintage influenced look that makes a great date night outfit. 

    Blue & Green: The classic 1940 & green cotton dress with blue trousers is also easy to wear for an anniversary, or to get in a casual mood. 

    The blue and green cotton dresses are a versatile, vintage inspired option that can add a modern twist to any outfit.

    They’re also a perfect choice for an intimate dinner party or a romantic evening out at a romantic cocktail party.

    These 1930’s cotton dresses from Rios Bravas are also very stylish and trendy, and are perfect as a casual date night or to add a little fun to an evening at the park or in a date-night out. 


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