If you’ve ever made a DIY pot or compost bin, you’ve probably had to figure out how to get it together.

    This post shows you how to make one using just a few tools and materials.

    It’s great for anyone with an eye for a DIY project or someone who wants to make something a little more rustic.

    It also shows you what a simple project would look like if you could combine everything you already have into one simple product.

    We’ve created a basic compost bin that you can build up using materials you already own, or borrow.

    The instructions are easy and there are some steps that are a little on the messy side.

    You’ll need: Materials: The materials you need will depend on the type of project you’re working on.

    You may want to make this a bit smaller or a bit larger than your kitchen.

    If you’re making a DIY garden, you might want to use less than half the materials you would buy.

    The materials for this compost bin are fairly simple: 1 piece of pine (or similar) 4 pieces of bamboo or hardwood (optional) A pair of scissors, a few pieces of thread, and a few screws A couple of nails, a couple of wire cutters, and one nail.

    Instructions: Take a piece of birch or pine that is 3 feet tall and cut out an opening in the bottom of it.

    Cut a piece out of the same length of pine and cut a small hole in the end of the opening to insert the scrap of wood.

    Now take a pair of long nails, and carefully take the long end of one of them and gently twist it until it becomes a little bit shorter.

    Take the longer end of that one and put it into the opening in one of the pieces of pine you just cut.

    Then take the shorter end of each of those two pieces of lumber and pull them together, and you’re done.

    If the materials don’t come from a craft shop, you can use them at home.

    If they do, they’re likely made in your own home.

    You can also find some cheap materials on Amazon, but it may be a bit tricky to get started.

    How to assemble the compost bin The compost bin is made of some materials you’ve already got at home, so it’s really simple to assemble it.

    You should have a few simple tools to help you with this project, but you’ll probably need a little help.

    Cut out the opening for the bin using the pine and bamboo you cut out earlier.

    Now you’re going to use the same scissors you used for the first piece of wood to cut out the holes in the pine, and the same wire cutter to make the cutout for the bamboo.

    Pull the two pieces together and you should have something like this.

    Next, you’ll want to take a piece that is slightly smaller than the opening and cut it out.

    This will make a small opening in between the two wooden pieces that you just made.

    Now that you have a small compost bin with a small amount of wood inside, it’s time to attach the pieces together.

    Using the two long nails that you’ve just pulled together, carefully place the pieces onto the bin and gently push the sides together to form a closed lid.

    Now use the scissors to carefully cut a hole in one piece of the pine you’ve used.

    You will need to pull this out from the inside to make it wider and to form another hole for the other piece.

    If this hole is a little bigger than you need, you should use a little extra glue.

    You don’t need to use glue on this compost, but a bit of glue will give it a bit more grip when it’s opened.

    To make the lid bigger, you will need a bit extra wood and some scrap wood.

    Cut up the scrap wood and glue it to the inside of the compost.

    Now, you’re ready to start the compost process.

    Take a little piece of scrap wood that’s 2 inches long and put that into the bottom half of the bin.

    You are now going to make two large holes in each of the two large pieces of wood you just bought.

    Now put a piece between the holes and make the hole slightly larger than the other one.

    The idea here is that the small hole on the bottom is going to be a little longer than the hole you drilled in the middle of the other hole, and that’s going to allow you to fill it with the compost that you’ll be adding later.

    When you’re finished, you have to leave the pieces as they are, so they don’t tear the wood.

    Take one piece, and trim off the excess.

    Next up, take another piece of material that’s about the same size as the first and trim it away.

    Now place the small piece of metal in between each of your holes.

    Now trim off a little of the excess material and place it between the large holes.

    Then trim away the excess metal and glue the two together.

    The result should look


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