How to Make a Rainbow Craft is the blog of Ben Franklin Crafts, a small company that makes paper craft and gift ideas that range from simple and fun to challenging and thoughtful.

    Benjamin Franklin Craftworks has been in business since 2015 and currently makes paper crafts and paper gifts for businesses and families in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, and Canada.

    I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with Benjamin Franklin last year to learn about their business and their craft, and now I’m excited to share some of the best projects I’ve come across on their website.

    I hope you enjoy these tips, and please share with your friends!

    Benjamin Franklin is a company that designs and makes craft items from traditional materials such as paper, cloth, and metal.

    Each piece of Benjamin Franklin crafts comes with a unique story and an artisan’s stamp of approval.

    The Benjamin Franklin Co., which was founded in 1812 by George Benjamin Franklin, is known for creating handmade goods and crafts that have been used by countless individuals.

    The company also produces hand-made paper, paperboard, and wood crafts.

    They offer a wide variety of materials that they use in their projects.

    Benjamin is known to have made the following items: The “Benjamin Franklin” paper roll that he used to make the original roll in 1819 and sold at the time for $10.50, which he then sold to a friend for $1,500.

    The “Paper Lantern” roll that was used to create the original lantern in 1849, the one that is still in the Benjamin Franklin Museum in Philadelphia. 

    Benjamin Franklin’s original “Paper Book” that was given to the Smithsonian Institution in 1790 and sold for $2,500, a gift that has been on display in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History since 2011. 

    The “Antique Book of Fancy” from a 1778 printing that was purchased by the Smithsonian and kept as a private collection. 

     The “Paper Doll” from the collection of Benjamin Franklin and donated to the National Museum in 2010. 

    The paper roll and paper lantern from the “Antiques Book of Fine Arts” donated to Franklin Museum by the Ben Franklin Society. 

    “Paper Dolls” from Franklin’s “Antiquarian” collection donated to Smithsonian. 

    Paper craft ideas for adults can be found here.

    Benjamin’s “The Paper Doll” and “Antiknock” dolls are currently on display at the Benjamin Franklins museum in Philadelphia and are available for purchase on the website. 

    Here are a few of the most amazing Benjamin Franklin craft projects that I made!1.

    The Benjamin Franklin “Paper Art” paper lanterns that you can see in the video below!

    These paper lantern paper lantern crafts are made with a combination of old and new paper.

    They are hand-painted and have a unique design that incorporates the names of Benjamin and Franklin, along with other famous names.

    I am so excited to see what they will do with the new design!2.

    The Franklin Brothers “Anticlimax” craft!

    This “Antican” is made with old and modern paper and has a very unique design.

    The paper is stained with an old pigment and then dry-cleaned with a brush to create an antique look.

    This is one of the easiest and most creative paper craft ideas I’ve seen.3.

    The old and young Benjamin Franklin paper lantern project.

    This paper lantern is the perfect gift for the first year of the new year!

    This is a really fun and creative project that you could make with a few scraps of paper, old paper, or even old paint.

    The inspiration behind this project comes from the fact that the Benjamin and Franklins were both born in Philadelphia, and the two men grew up in Philadelphia’s Chinatown and the city’s Old Town.

    The two brothers had their own art studios and exhibited at the Philadelphia Art Museum, and they even created their own paper lantern for a time.4.

    Benjamin and Frances Franklin paper crafts.

    This Benjamin Franklin project has a great history and the idea behind it is that it’s a paper craft that can be used for all kinds of projects. 

    This “Anticyclic” paper craft is a little different from the other paper crafts because it’s made with an antique paint, and it has an unusual design.

    I loved the idea of using old and old paper and old paint together to create this unique piece of paper craft! 

    This paper lantern was used by the Benjamin-Franklin Museum in New Bern, New Jersey for over 100 years. 


    The classic “Paper” lantern made by Benjamin Franklin and his brother George, and later donated to Benjamin Franklin Art Museum in the 1970s.

    This was one of my favorite projects to make because it uses paper and it’s so simple.

    I think you can use a variety of paper and you don’t have to worry about finding the right kind of paper to get the desired look


    Which craft is the best?

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