By the time you’re done drinking the night away, you might want to take a moment to think about what you’re drinking.

    The best way to get a head start on figuring out what’s what is the best way for you to make your own craft cocktails.

    In this guide, we’ll share with you the best craft cocktails to make in your home.

    If you have any questions about what to do with your drinks, be sure to leave them in the comments below.1.

    Aged Rum and Spiced Rum cocktails.

    The traditional Rum and Spice cocktail at a cocktail party is often described as “sherry-based.”

    While this is true, the drink is often made with fresh or aged rum, which gives the drink a more complex and aromatic flavor.

    The cocktail is served in a wooden or plastic container, and can be used for all kinds of different drinks, including vodka and gin.

    Rum and spice can be a bit of a challenge for the novice drinker, but once you learn how to make them at home, you’ll be a master.2.

    Bourbon-Studded Gin.

    This classic Gin cocktail can be made with a mix of bourbon and fresh-cut ginger.

    A ginger-garnish is a subtle, slightly sweet, and herbal flavoring that compliments the gin’s flavor.3.

    Bloody Mary.

    This Bloody Mary is a drink that is often served in cocktail bars and is typically made with vodka and bitters.

    Bloody marys are often served with a lemon twist, and the lemon adds a tartness and depth to the drink.

    The drink can be served at home or in a cocktail lounge.4.

    Blackberry Sour.

    This tart and sweet sour is a popular choice for the first time drinker when they first learn how the drinks they’re drinking are made.

    Blackberries are used to add complexity to cocktails, so it’s easy to pick up on the subtle hints of sweetness.5.

    Strawberry Rhubarb.

    Rhubarberries are typically used as garnishes for the drinks, but the raspberry syrup and cranberry juice add a subtle sweetness and tartness to the fruit.6.

    Green Tea Ginger.

    This refreshing, sweet ginger cocktail is often a way for a newbie to discover how the drink works.

    Green tea is often used to flavor cocktails at cocktail parties, and it can be added to other drinks like martinis and gin, giving the drink an interesting, unexpected flavor.7.


    The lemonade is a great way to start your cocktail night.

    If there’s no alcohol in the drink, then the juice is a fantastic addition, and if there is, the lemon and water adds a refreshing and refreshing flavor.8.

    Lemon Limeade.

    Another way to introduce a drink to your home is to use the juice in a drink and add it to a lemonade or a mint julep.

    The lime juice will give the drink its tangy flavor.9.


    A cocktail of orange and orange juice is often paired with lemonade to create a refreshing drink that can be enjoyed for up to a week.10.

    Mint and Limeade: This combination of mint and lime is a refreshing cocktail to add to your morning tea.

    This drink can easily be made at home using only water, and there’s nothing you need to add other than the mint and lemonade.11.

    Lemonades and Mousse: A lemonade and mousse can be another way to enjoy a cocktail at home.

    A simple lemonade has a citrus flavor and a refreshing taste that complements the mints and lemon.12.

    Cranberry Punch.

    The cranberry punch is a cocktail that uses a blend of fresh cranberries and fresh lime juice to give a refreshing flavor and to add a nice splash of flavor to the cocktail.13.

    Green Mango Cocktail: The green mango cocktail is a way to bring in a refreshing, light flavor to a drink without adding anything else.

    The green mango mix is a combination of the mango and pineapple and can add a fresh, bright flavor to your drink.14.

    Strawberry-Cherry-Orangeade: The cherry-orangeade is another way for newbies to discover cocktails at a home.

    This is a simple, fresh and refreshing cocktail that can add some complexity to a cocktail without adding much else.15.

    Cappuccino: The cappuccinos are a classic cocktail, and they’re usually served in glass or plastic containers.

    The coffee grounds add a soft, chocolatey flavor and the flavor of the cream adds sweetness.16.

    Bourbon Cocktail.

    A bourbon cocktail is another great way for the newbie cocktail drinker to discover the drink that they’re making.

    Bourbon is often the first drink to be made for a home party, and a cocktail of the right bourbon will make you happy.17.

    Strawberry Mule.

    This cocktail is traditionally made with rum and a squeeze of fresh strawberries.

    A strawberry mule is often added to the glass


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