Easy Christmas crafts: A simple and versatile tool for decorating your kitchen and bedroom, it’s great for the kids to get their hands dirty and start making decorations. 

    A stump is a small, wood- or steel-framed wooden box that is used for transporting and storing the wood and supplies. 

    You can buy stumps from the local hardware store, or you can use a local craft store. 

    The easiest way to start is to make a wooden box using a standard 5-inch wide board. 

    When you buy a 5-in.

    by 5-ft. board, make sure it is 4-ft.-wide and that it’s 4-in.-deep, and it should be secured in place by screws. 

    If you want to make it bigger, you can trim the corners off, but make sure that it is not too big. 

    Make sure the sides are smooth and flat and that there is no excess glue. 

    Then cut out a piece of plywood that is 3 inches by 2 inches and 4 inches wide. 

    Place the bottom piece of wood over the top of the plywood, with the backside facing up. 

    For each piece of the board, cut out the following lines: (a) a 4-1/2-in., 3-ft., 1-ft-deep cutout (b) a 3-1 1/2 in., 1/4-in, 2-ft.(c) a 2-1 2/4 in., 2-in-deep, 1-inch cutout. 

    Next, cut the pieces of plywoods to the exact length you want, and glue them to the sides. 

    Cut each of the 2-2/4 by 1-in.(c). 

    Attach each piece to the other with a 3/4 inch seam allowance. 

    Take the bottom and center sides of the stump and attach them to a 3 1/8-in x 3 1 1/16-in plywood board.

    Make sure that there are no gaps in the wood or glue lines, and that they are straight. 

    Put the top piece of boards on top of each other and glue the other sides to the plywoods. 

    Lay a 3 in. strip of wood on the top and a 3 inch seam line on the bottom of the bottom plywood. 

    Attach the top plywood piece to each of your wood boards. 

    Repeat this for the other side of the boards, and so on, until you have assembled the stumps. 

    Once you have the stumping assembly, you will want to remove the sides from the stumptos. 

    Here is how to do this: Place a piece (2-1-2 by 3-5/8 by 1/6-in.) of ply wood in the center of the side you wish to remove, and secure with a screw. 

    (A small screw works well here.) 

    Remove the stumped piece from the ply wood. 

    Secure the piece with a seam allowance and a small screw. 

      The stump should look like this when you remove the stumpy pieces: A very, very simple and straightforward, easy-to-use tool for Christmas decorating. 

    This is great for small kids to make, and great for older kids to use as a tool for the backyard. 

    It also makes a great gift for the decorating veteran in your family. 

    Happy Christmas! 


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