A small storefront that opened its doors in December in the heart of Manhattan’s historic district is proving popular among locals and tourists alike, according to owner Shanna Shaffer.

    The decor, she said, is inspired by the neighborhood’s rich history.

    “We think that the spirit of craftsmanship is really important and we feel that’s a part of New York City,” said Shaffer, a real estate agent from Brooklyn.

    “I love it because there are so many little traditions that come with it.”

    The shop, named Craft Room, is located at 817 East 52nd Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

    Craft Room is named for its owner, Shanna, who says it was inspired by a local neighborhood tradition.

    “Craft Room is a neighborhood shop that takes craft and crafts and turns it into art,” Shaffer said.

    “It’s like a mini museum.”

    The store sells craft foam sheets, which are the same material used in craft paint.

    Shaffer also sells a range of other items, including jewelry, handmade food, and even the ability to craft a customized cocktail from scratch.

    Shaffer is just one of a growing number of entrepreneurs that have created a space where they can sell handmade goods, create art, and create a sense of community in their community.

    “There are a lot of small businesses out there who are really just starting to make money in their businesses,” said Sam Stoddard, founder of Brooklyn’s Arts District Collaborative.

    “They’re trying to get some of their money back and do some of the things that are so difficult in the traditional business world.”

    A small storefront is now selling handmade crafts and craft products in Manhattan.

    Stoddards business is part of a community of makers.

    (Photo: The Wall St Journal)Stoddard founded the Brooklyn-based Arts District Cooperatives in 2010 to promote economic development in the city’s East Village.

    He has since launched several ventures, including an indoor/outdoor market for handmade goods and a craft beer and wine bar.

    The Arts District also has become a focal point for local businesses like Bauhaus, a local art gallery and bar.

    “I feel like Brooklyn is a little more creative than other places, but it’s still really safe and safe for people to go to,” said Stoddings daughter, Hannah Stoddart.

    “And you can’t get in trouble for making things like this, you just have to be creative and have a little fun.”

    As the craft scene continues to grow in Brooklyn, Shaffer’s shop is attracting a lot more people to the neighborhood, said her husband, Steve Shaffer Jr. “We are getting so many people here from all over the world,” he said.

    Shovells shop is just part of what is happening in Brooklyn as a result of the rise of craft and craft-related businesses.

    “The number one thing that we see in Brooklyn is the quality of life is really increasing,” said Steve Shiverds son, Ben.

    “People are starting to realize that it’s okay to be more creative.

    It’s okay for people like me to come here and just make things.”

    Shaffers shop, located at 717 East 51st Street in the Chelsea neighborhood, is an inspiration for the neighborhood.

    (Image: The New York Times)Shaffer’s son, Steve, is the creative director of a small business called Shovelli’s in Brooklyn.

    The shop sells handmade crafts, including foam sheets.

    Shovedan is also the creator of the “Cake of The Month” campaign, which allows businesses in the area to display a custom cake made from handmade products.

    “It’s just something I love to do,” said Ben Shoveller, a musician who owns the band Shovelyne.

    “There’s something really good about seeing your work come to life in front of people’s eyes.

    You can just take the time to enjoy it.”

    Steve Shovello, a Brooklyn native, is also a business owner.

    (Source: The Washington Post)Ben Shovella has worked with his father, Steve (pictured) on several businesses, including ShoveLLi’s.

    Shoves business is called Shoves Coffee Shop, and it sells craft coffee from Brooklyn and other locations around the world.

    Shovell’s shop was inspired in part by a neighborhood tradition of making crafts, Shoveella said.

    “One of my earliest memories of being a kid growing up was making crafts,” he recalled.

    “My dad, he would make stuff and then sell it to people.

    He would sell it for 10 cents, and they’d say, ‘What are you doing, what are you selling for?’

    He would say, `What am I making?

    Do you want me to make you something?,'” he said, laughing.

    Ben Shoves first saw the art of making at a young age.

    Shavell said that as a child, he always wanted to be a painter.

    “When I was young, I thought


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