“We have just begun to craft,” said Rona, 26, a mother of two and a baker.

    “We don’t know where to begin.”

    Rona’s daughter is just as excited about the new craft, the bread for which she’s already prepared a homemade version, as the woman in the photo.

    “I love the idea of bread and bread making,” she said.

    “You know, it’s a good thing to get out of your house and start something new.”

    Rita, 35, a retired teacher from Israel, hopes to find a job in the coming months to help her and her husband with their newly-discovered craft.

    “My goal is to start making more bread,” she explained.

    “We are really lucky that we can find new jobs,” said Shimon, a 31-year-old who works as a teacher in Israel’s Gush Etzion settlement.

    “But we don’t have the luxury of just working for the money.

    We have to earn it.”

    And there are some wonderful people working here.””

    There are so many wonderful opportunities.

    And there are some wonderful people working here.”

    A young Jewish couple in a homemade loaf.

    (Courtesy of Rona and Shimon.)

    The couple’s children and other relatives have helped to build their own small bakery.

    “Now that we are a family, we are able to take our creations and share them with the world,” said Yael, a 35-year old baker who runs a small bakery in the Gush Ewe settlement.

    Rona and her son, Shimon.

    (Credit: Rona Shimon)The couple have already spent $5,000 on the first handmade loaf, and they plan to keep doing so.

    “It’s really amazing,” said Rita, who says she is excited about how the new recipe has turned out.

    “This is something I can make for myself and make for others.

    It’s a beautiful experience.””

    It’s been a good journey,” said the mother.

    “The joy of finding something new and different and enjoying it is something we can’t explain.”

    Shimon and Rona.

    (Photo: Rita Shimon and Shonan Orenstein/The Jerusalem Post)Rona has also made bread for a couple of friends.

    “They are really supportive and we have been really lucky,” she noted.

    “And I think the joy of them is amazing.”

    The couple, who live in Israel, is not alone in their love of bread.

    A survey conducted in Israel last year found that almost one-third of Jewish Israelis said they make bread at least once a month.

    (More than one-fifth of Jewish households in Israel report making bread regularly.)

    The report also found that many Jews feel proud to be Jewish, which is not surprising given that Jews comprise about 30 percent of the country’s population, according to the United Nations.

    In fact, Jewish Israelis are the third-largest ethnic group in Israel after the Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jewish communities.

    The study, conducted by the Jewish Institute for Social Research and the Tel Aviv University, asked respondents if they could name all the Jewish communities in the world, and if they had any personal stories to tell about their Jewish heritage.

    The results showed that the largest group of respondents identified as Ashkenazim, while the smallest group identified as Sephardim.

    And those in the latter group were more likely to be members of the ultra-Orthodox community.

    However, according the Pew Research Center, less than one percent of Israeli Jews identify as ultra-orthodox, the second-smallest of any group.

    “Ultra-orthodox Jews are a small but growing group in Judaism, while ultra-traditional Jews are more diverse and include other groups, including Orthodox Christians, who are not considered Jewish by most Jews,” said David Schoenfeld, director of the Pew Center’s Religion and Public Life Project.

    The Pew report, however, did not measure the extent to which Israeli Jews identified as ultra Orthodox or ultra-Jewish, and the Pew research report did not identify any Jewish religious groups as more Orthodox than the other three groups.

    Still, the Pew report did find that many Israeli Jews believe that their Jewish identity is tied to their culture, tradition and religion.

    “In Israel, people think of themselves as a part of a large Jewish community,” said Rabbi Tzvi Ben-David, director-general of the Hebrew Union for Reform Judaism.

    “For the most part, they feel that their identity is linked to their community.”

    Ben-David said that while the Pew study may have helped Jews to become more Jewish, it may not have helped them become as observant.

    “When people identify as Jewish, they do so as a way of belonging to their own community, and that’s fine, but it can lead to a lack of belonging,” Ben-Jonathan said.


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