In the summer, the kids and I go on vacation with our family to the seaside resort of Long Island, New York.

    My daughter and I spend a lot of time out in the water, with our dad, playing tag with our friends.

    When the sun goes down, we get together and make a few of these craft knives.

    These are the ones I get to enjoy so much in my downtime.

    They are not cheap, but they are worth every penny.

    When I made my first knife for my daughters, she loved it.

    I made a couple of different designs for her and she was able to tell what they were for.

    I wanted to make some knives that she could take out and not worry about them being lost in the sand.

    She was so proud of them!

    One of the most popular designs I made for her was the “Little Paws” knife.

    It was a really simple knife with a sharp blade, and she loved how it looked.

    I thought this design was cute and I had a lot to say about it on the craft blog, The Crafty Crafty.

    I’m so happy I shared it with her!

    I love her so much.

    When we returned home from vacation, my daughters were playing tag again and I decided to make her another one of these knives.

    They were the cutest little ones.

    She liked it so much, she decided to have it made into a knife.

    I was able just like the first time to get a lot done with just a little creativity and effort.

    I had my mom help me create the designs, cut out the blades and even cut out a few buttons.

    I did this with a couple simple materials.

    Plastic, paper, and my dad’s old sewing machine.

    This was my first time making anything in the style of the Little Paws knives.

    I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I got home.

    My kids were pretty excited about this new knife, so I thought it was worth sharing my little secret with them.

    The kids and dad both loved it, and they were excited to share the recipe for their new knives.

    My plan was to show the kids the recipe and then get the recipe to my family so they could enjoy the knives as soon as I could.

    When my mom was ready, I asked her to help me put the knives together.

    She is a perfectionist and loves the process of sewing together a project.

    I think I’m going to be able to make these knives for her.

    I just had to get them out of the oven and show her how they were made.

    The first time I made the Little Paw knives, I was very nervous and excited.

    I knew it was going to take a lot longer than expected, but it turned out pretty well.

    The knives came out great, and I was so happy to have them.

    They have been in my collection for about a year and they are still super functional and easy to use.

    The cutouts in the back are really easy to remove and clean, and the blades are all solid and sturdy.

    The only thing I didn’t love about them was that they weren’t as sharp as I had hoped.

    The edges were a little uneven and not as nice as I would have liked.

    When you look at the knife itself, it is not as sharp, but I could see that the handle and handle tab are not sharp.

    I am very happy with the knives and am sure they will last me for years.

    If you like knives, these are the perfect knives for you!


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