Beer kings, crafts, and craft beer.

    When you think of the two, it’s easy to forget that one is a hobby, while the other is a profession.

    In the world of beer, hobby and profession are synonymous.

    That is why in the past year, craft beer has seen the largest growth in popularity and craft brewers have been expanding their businesses and brewing facilities across the country.

    But that doesn’t mean that everyone is on board with the move.

    In an attempt to combat the rising trend, the Craft Brewers Association, a trade group for the nation’s top brewers, announced this week that it is partnering with the Beer Writers Association of America to create an online guide for brewers to learn more about the industry and craft brew.

    The new online guide, which is available on the BA’s website, will be hosted by the BA and will provide brewers with a wide variety of information on the craft beer scene.

    It will be the first such guide of its kind, according to the association.

    Craft beer has grown in popularity, and it is a lucrative industry, according a recent study by the Brewers Association.

    The craft beer industry generates about $13 billion in revenue annually, according the Brewers Alliance.

    The association estimates that about $15 billion of that is in the hands of brewers.

    The BA is also partnering with a variety of media outlets, including CNN, USA Today, and ABC News to bring the craft craft beer trend to life.

    “It’s exciting to see the BA partnering with craft beer news outlets to bring craft beer to a wider audience, including those who may not have heard about the craft brewing phenomenon before,” said Jim Hall, executive director of the BA.

    “The BA will continue to support local brewers, including independent brewers, and encourage them to expand their businesses.”

    The BA plans to expand its beer knowledge in the coming months and has created an online resource called Craft, which will provide information about the world’s craft breweries.

    The website will provide a wide range of information for beer drinkers, including beer reviews, recipes, industry trends, and more.

    “The BA has an unparalleled network of knowledgeable brewers, brewmasters, brewers’ conferences, and beer brands that we look forward to sharing with craft brewers in the years ahead,” Hall said.

    “Our mission at the BA is to make beer more accessible to all, including consumers, and to be an advocate for craft beer and the brewing industry.”


    Which craft is the best?

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