It was the third major trailer of the year and the final piece of the puzzle to finally bring the sequel to life, but it didn’t really do much to address the fundamental issues that plagued the first film.

    The first film was more of a science fiction story, and it felt like the sequel was trying to tackle that very same theme, and failing miserably. 

    In this article, we’ll be looking at why the first two films were so successful, and how they may still be influential to a modern audience.

    The first film The sequel was a little more ambitious and ambitious than the first.

    It had the biggest cast of actors and was written by a team of five writers.

    That meant the film needed a more diverse cast to bring its story to life. 

    It also gave the audience a reason to care about the world, and to want to see a different world come alive.

    It was also a huge leap forward in storytelling, because unlike the first movie, where the characters were defined by their roles in the film, the sequel made the characters defined by the world. 

    “The first movie was the first step in a long journey, and I think the second film is the greatest step,” said writer-director Jason Blum in a recent interview with Variety. 

    A more diverse, relatable cast led to the second movie being a more accessible film, and that was a good thing. 

    This was partly because of the new casting choices, but also because it was a great story, with characters that lived and died by their actions.

    It also had the largest ensemble cast of any movie ever made, and with a little luck, it will never again disappoint. 

    The biggest change came in the plot, which was more complex and grounded.

    The story focused on two characters, which meant that it was not as easy to see why they were bad guys or how they had their motives. 

    When you look back at the first trilogy, you can see how important it was to have an overarching plot.

    In the second, you don’t see the world as a static place, but as a dynamic, evolving place, and so it was important to focus on how the characters interacted with the world and how the plot unfolded. 

    We know that the first Star Wars trilogy was more action-heavy, and the sequel needed a lot more of that. 

    Instead of relying on the action sequences and the world building to drive the story, the plot needed to be a much more grounded and relatable one. 

    For instance, the first installment didn’t focus on the story of Luke and Leia, but instead focused on the relationships between Han and Leia.

    In The Empire Strikes Back, they both grew up in a very different family and grew apart.

    It seemed as though it was more important to keep those two characters as close as possible to keep the story interesting.

    The second trilogy introduced an entirely new generation of characters, who all had their own distinct personality. 

    While they were all the same character in each film, they all had different motivations.

    There was Han Solo, the bounty hunter, who wanted to kill the Empire, and Leia’s father, who felt that Leia was more than a daughter, and wanted to protect her.

    They were all different characters, but the plot wasn’t all that different. 

    That focus on characters and a grounded plot, and by extension, the characters’ lives, is something that I’m very familiar with, because I’ve written for a while about how writing for TV and film can really help you build a character. 

    If the second trilogy is any indication, there are a lot of fans out there who want to return to the Star Wars universe in some way, shape or form. 

    Even if they’re just fans of the first one, the fact that there were so many characters that made up the original trilogy helped build a solid foundation for the next two movies.

    The second film was about two people who have a bond that they’re fighting against, and there was a sense of urgency to the story that wasn’t present in the first, which helped to build a bigger story and a stronger character.

    And this time around, the stakes weren’t as big, and characters were less important, because the plot had more weight. 

    There were still big, dramatic action sequences, but they were more focused on characters’ relationships and their struggles, rather than the action itself.

    The main story was still focused on Luke and the Force, and was still built around Luke, but you didn’t see Leia and Han fight like they did in the previous films. 

    You saw the heroes fighting in a way that was grounded, which is very different from the first films, and you also didn’t get to see Han Solo and Chewbacca fight like in the films.

    The film was a lot less about the action, and a lot about the characters. 

    But that’s not to say the first sequel didn’t have its share of action. The


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